2nd European Saab Huy Meeting 31st October 2010

31/10/2010  HUY  Grand Place !

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Due to the success of 2007 event the city council of my home town, Huy, allow me to organize a great Saab event on the historical center of the town (usually a pedestrian area).

Hundreds of Saab are expected, there will be a Saab spares flea market area as well.

It will be biggest funniest and more crazy again this year, as the whole historic city center will be reserved for Saab enthusiasts!

The meeting and the flea market are totally free of charges but based on first come first served (meeting will start at 9 AM, but you're welcome early, as the 250 first car will be better parked and will receive a little welcome pack)

This meeting will be held on Sunday 31st October, there no on site activity the Saturday. Nevertheless an evening meal will be organized the Saturday night (this will be obviously charged and must be booked.) Details and price will be follow shortly, but I can already tell you that payment will be make also in £ on an UK bank based account and by paypal for your easiness.

Welcome and enjoy Belgium beer and atmosphere !


These informations will be available soon in many others language but meanwhile is up to you to translate in your national language and post it on you national forum!

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